2011 Stroller Strides® Instructor Certificate Renewal




Each year all Stroller Strides Instructors are required to submit 10 hours of CEC's (or 1.0 CEC) through their IDEA Fitness Connect profile* and complete this renewal process.

Learning Objectives

Complete Stroller Strides' Continuing Education Policy

Course Procedure

  1. Enroll in the course.
  2. Complete Non-Disclosure Agreement through DocuSign Signature Service.
  3. Complete and upload 10 hours of CEC's (or 1.0 CEC) in your IDEA Fitness Connect Instructor Profile.
  4. Take the online survey. You must answer all questions to complete renewal. (This is not a test)
  5. Print your certificate of completion.

Course Content

Online Course Non-Disclosure AgreementArticle(Required)
Stroller Strides Instructor Certificate RenewalTest(Required)